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Why Urban Design Today? Ep.7

Here at UDDI we consider our topics as a practice and a discipline aimed to improve the quality of the life of the people in the built environment.

In this column we intend to orient, to inform and to say why we need Urban Design today - from different points of view. Here's Aj. Terdpong's one!

Born and raised in Thailand, Terdpong obtained both Bachelor and Masters from KMUTT, while researching and collaborating with Japanese institutions as the Kyoto Institute of Technology. He carried out research and architectural practice, working both as architect and designer and as researcher. His activities and interests spans from the small scale, the residential development, design thinking, landscape intervention, alternative mobility (like biking) and community based approach.

“Benches may be utilized as general street furniture for use by people wishing to sit and rest, fulfilling a need which would be determined by their popularity.

A bench would also fulfil the people’s needs by providing something that will probably be used often. A bench can promote a relationship between people, objects and space, and encourage interactions in sympathy with their environment rationally. But the same benches in the urban designers’ point of view are not as simple as it has been, because they can be fulfilled social and emotional needs, for mothers walking with or waiting for children, passing strangers appreciating directions from local wanderers, taking a rest and enjoying conversations with other users of the bench asset. At night the homeless may find some comfort on the bench for a place to sleep.

All these examples demonstrate a social relationship and connections between people and people. This is what urban designers always do, 'empathy.'”

Aj. Terdpong Boonpan,

Thammasat Design School

Image credits: Credit: Ernest To. 2021. Trends & Changes, and People-Centric Design.

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