What do we do: Urban Design as city making

UDDI Program has been established in order to tackle contemporary challenges in the contemporary towns and territories.

Based in the Thammasat Design School (known also as Faculty of Architecture and Planning), it summarizes different views based on the power of the design in different urban context. It is an International Program in English language, Bachelor and Master combined (3.5 + 1.5 years). Specifically, UDDI:

  • recognizes the issue of the intensive urbanization and of the need of improvement in it;

  • considers the development implementation as well as the integration of social, economic and physical aspects in the cities, promoting different kind of intervention and development;

  • refers to Urban Design as both a process and a product;

  • considers different scales of urban fabric (from micro to macro scales).

Our Program, so, aims to tackle professional goals and challenges for the cities of the future and shape "city makers" able to solve and cope with them. Our graduates will be "Urban Designers", professionals that:

  • are talented and equipped with soft and hard skills ready to be flexible in different working contexts;

  • will provide the necessary breadth of knowledge, imagination, vision and skills to be a shaper of sustainable cities;

  • will work together with other city experts and professionals, developers, businesses, real estate, with open possibilities;

  • are officially recognized by the laws in Thailand and many other Countries;

  • will create attractive, healthy, green, liveable and sustainable cities.

Moreover, towards the end of the Programs you may join multiple work opportunities according to your professional aspiration: urban designers in Public/private organisations, business entrepreneurship, real estate, various Public/private partnerships, cultural tourism valorization and conservation of heritage, managing and designing urban/rural climate change solutions, coping with natural disasters, magacities development, etc.

The opportunities are wide open: some are written and others are ready to be written by you.

Be a leader, be an Urban Designer!

Check out the other posts to see more of our activities, the access requirements and more from the UDDI world!

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