What do we do: Our Courses, our Topics

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

In both Bachelor and Master Programs, our Courses and Activities are different and various every time!

Our Professors and city experts set our Curriculum in order to allow our students to tackle different challenges and to engage with different problems and scenarios every semester. Our topics are different among themselves, but they are all related to the City, studied every time under different lenses. The main basic distinction to be done is between the "Studio Courses" and the "Theory Courses": in the first "family" of Courses, you will tackle different challenges basing your solution in "a design". We will give you all the tools you will need to let your representation/exposition/communication level grow and to do an amazing job all times! In the other "family" of Courses, the "Theory Courses", they will rely more usually on theory bases, able to let you grow as a Professional and learn important things for your future. Again, the city and the urban effects of a precise discipline/issue are the objects.

In our activities there are also different chances to engage your attention and interests: field-trip, international workshops, collaborative seminars and so on, based in our School, abroad or in different contexts and venues!

Take a deeper look to our Curriculums here: https://www.uddi.tds.tu.ac.th/programmes, look at our photo gallery ...and get in touch with us for more information!

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