Urban Design is...

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

We express and curb the future of our cities and territories. Urban Design is a discipline with solid roots in Architecture & Planning but with an open view to the future, oriented to open to new future technologies, businesses, smart & green solutions, trends, place-making activities, awareness about future sustainability and urban growth.

An Urban Designer is a flexible and strong City-Expert! In UDDI, THAMMASAT DESIGN SCHOOL, our view of city-making is modern and contemporary, and we provide our students the tools to grow, understand, think and visualize future changes, development and improvement in the city.

How? We have Studio Courses, where we will work together to develop "a project", an urban solution able to change a portion of the city; we have Theory Courses, where we help you become "stronger" in your skills and knowledge...and then, we have International activities, workshops, field-trips, visits, expert talk & share, conferences...! Wanna see more? Look at our Studio's results: we have some videos made by the students! Check our Video Playlist in our Facebook and our IGTV on Instagram and have an idea! Then, take a look to our Curriculum or get in touch with us!

Images below are screenshots of the video, published here; Cover artwork by UDDI Batch 02 project for UD429 2019, Collaborative Urban Design, by Guide Kanjanakuha's project.

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