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Our UDDI Event Programming!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

UDDI is Happy to introduce you the new #uddi calendar of events for the next months, in collaboration with Faculty of Learning Science and Education, TU!

In-presence moments of learning and knowledge sharing among the different meaning of the "practical" side of the #urbandesign profession, where Thai and International experts will share for our students, our community and all the interested audience experiences and case studies to help see our #urban future more closely!

Practice as research;

Practice as cooperation;

Practice as a professional commitment.

The UDDI Program offers in the upcoming weeks an exploration on the different approaches to Urban Design and development trending in South East Asia. Different local and international experts with different backgrounds will present insights, perspectives, critical points and opportunities to discuss the different dimensions of practice in Urban Design.

The series is a bridge among these dimensions, our future generations of urban designers and the public interested in fostering further perspectives of research, cooperation, and professional development.

Selected events will he streamed via zoom/our social media!

#follow #like and #share, get in touch with your #urban #future: #learn, commit and advocate for better #cities.

Be a protagonist of your #City!

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