THRID episode of the UDDI Lectures Series!

In each UDDI Lecture three INTERNATIONAL experts will engage in a dialogue on specific topics, in which new perspectives on urban design are opened up. Sharing INTERNATIONAL point of views, discussing and dialoguing on the complexities of Urban Design is an activity which we believe to be fundamental for the growth and the progress of our cities!

Broadcast via ZOOM and Facebook live at 5 PM Thai Time [12.00 European Time, 19.00 JPN Time]: read the programs and get the links to access!

Episode 3: Urban Cultural Heritage

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Dr. Anna Porebska, Politechnik of Cracow Splendours and Miseries of Disneyfied City Centres

Anna Porębska is an Assistant Professor at the Cracow University of Technology, Poland, where she teaches architectural and urban design at the Faculty of Architecture. She holds a PhD in architecture and urban planning from the University of Sassari, Italy. Her research focuses on the relations between individuals and public space in everyday life and the context of risk. Her background spans from inclusive and universal to sustainable and resilient design. Currently, she’s participating in projects regarding responsive planning, adaptability and energy efficiency of public buildings and urban settlements, as well as risk assessment and risk management in the context of development and cultural heritage conservation strategies. Member of the Society of Polish Architects (SARP), designer and editor, she translated, among others, the first Polish edition of „Learning from Las Vegas” by Venturi, Scott Brown and Izenour.

Aj. Dr. Adrian Lo,

UDDI Program, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University, The Invisible City of Hong Kong - Informal Urban Ecologies

This lecture is about seeing the unseen informal relationships within Hong Kong's Composite Building typology. Typically containing a mixture of guesthouses, kungfu schools, garment factories, restaurants, private dwellings, and other commercial activities, composite highrises are a melting pot of invisible ecological networks yet appearing seemingly chaotic and disorderly to the outsider.

Dr. Yanin Chivakidakarn,


Public Space in Thailand

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