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How to join UDDI's Bachelor?

Here's a short step by step guide about how to join UDDI's Bachelor Degree, the International Program of Thammasat Design School in Urban Design! For this actual call, THAI STUDENTS and INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are welcomed! Thai Students will have time to apply until the 24th of May 2021;

International Students will have time to apply until the 31st of May 2021; Here's How to Apply! 1 - All students check out the requisites here:

2- Foreigner applicants can also verify their documents' compliance with TU here:

For any inquiries, please send your questions and/or transcripts via email (subject: "Scholarship Inquiry”) for a check with our staff.

3- Prepare all documents specified in the checklist!

For any doubts, don't hesitate to ask us here via our LINE!

4 - Thai applicants eligible, follow this link and apply! (or scan this QR ) 5 - International applicants eligible, follow this link and apply!

6 - All applicants should finalize their admissions with the payment of the fee of 1000 THB. Provide proof of payment to our office!

7 - EXTRA! International Students can apply for Scholarships!

- CLMV+China Applicants can apply for FULL Scholarship;

- ALL international Applicants can apply for HALF Scholarship!

Read the call in our TDS Website (you can find all applications link here too);

Here a summary of the main rules;

And finally, download the form here, fill it and send via email to (subject: “Application for Fast Track Undergraduate Scholarship”) before the 1st of June!

8 - Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible if necessary.

Keep in mind! 10th June 2021 - Announcement of eligible candidates interviews

14th June 2021 - Interview examination and results.

All will be published in our website and in our FB page. We wish to see you in UDDI Soon!

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