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Sneak-peek at our Classes! Episode 2: UD221, Y1

UDDI is a unique Program, and is the only International Integrated Bachelor and Master's of Urban Design of Thailand. We empower our students with our International activities and environment, with the exclusive care to each students' need, with our Courses (see our Curriculum).

We build in our students the necessary hard and soft skills to be a professional of the Built Environment: in this series of articles you can get closer to our Courses with some sneak-peeks given by our International Experts. Discover more about Urban Design and #TheBusinessofCityMaking and get in touch with us to join our Program! Cheers!

UD221: Fundamental Design Thinking. Year 1, Undergraduate.

Our Empowerment for you

The UD221 Course aims to give our students the primal tools to observe, understand and change the built environment. The Course is characterized by the continuous application of visual graphic thinking and it concentrates on the Design Thinking methodology and approach; it aims to build the "designer's mindset" in our future professionals, one important hard and soft skills for their future careers.

This year...

The students will complete 4 mini-projects, made of different challenges at different scale and characterized by a growing complexity. Each challenge runs on two merging paths (the proper Design Thinking and continuous application of visual graphic thinking): this to give the students the tools that will be furtherly used, discovered, implemented and deepened in the next years of their careers.


Students follow the design thinking method and learn firstly how to understand the spatial categories of the built environment (form, spaces, volumes) with the visual graphic thinking. Lastly, students learn how to carry out small scale-designs to bring meaningful changes, improvements and innovations.

Assignments, theoretical insights, presentations and a learning-by-doing approach are our routine which we conduct our projects on; constant care, desk-crit, personalized tutorials complete the frame of our UD221, the first studio Course of our UDDI's Urban Designer education.

Text by 2021's Course Coordinator, Aj. Federico Puggioni

Images: UD221 in 2020 and 2021.

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