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Sneak-peek at our Classes! Episode 3: UD231, Y2

UDDI is a unique Program, and is the only International Integrated Bachelor and Master's of Urban Design of Thailand. We empower our students with our International activities and environment, with the exclusive care to each students' need, with our Courses (see our Curriculum).

We build in our students the necessary hard and soft skills to be a professional of the Built Environment: in this series of articles you can get closer to our Courses with some sneak-peeks given by our International Experts. Discover more about Urban Design and #TheBusinessofCityMaking and get in touch with us to join our Program! Cheers!

UD231 CAD in Urban Design

Year 2, Undergraduate.

Our Empowerment for you

The UD231 course empowers students to be able to use digital media confidently to express their own interests and ideas in a project which combines urban design and architecture. Through the agency of a Canal Rowhouse Neighbourhood development, this CAD course allows the students to broaden their knowledge and skills in 2D and 3D software in order to visualize, communicate, and represent designs which raise particular issues about the urban commons and public spaces in private developments, as well as the indeterminate zone between architecture and urban design.

This year...

The project is premised on individual adjacent plots with a volume of 18m (length) x 6m (width) x9m (height), whereby students develop a rowhouse design based on Borneo-Sporenburg building massing. Students develop their own layouts and create their own facades, but maintaining a continuous passage on the ground floor. Houses were rearranged to create individual interpretations of the architectural-urban vision according to each student’s ideals. A final portfolio aims to reap the results of the drawing, modelling, and visualization skills learned during the semester.

Text by 2021's Course Coordinator, Aj. Adrian Lo, PhD

Images: UD231's work-in-progress.

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