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NEWS! Bachelor Admissions are now OPEN!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Bachelor Admissions are now OPEN!

Save your chance to enroll the UNIQUE & ONLY Integrated Bachelor & Master's of Urban Design and Development of THAILAND!

Become a leader, join #TheBusinessofCityMaking and let's improve our cities together: follow these steps to enroll!

1 - Check the deadline!

2 - Read the Call!

UDDI ประกาศรับสมัครป.ตรี 2565 (Admission announcement 2021)
Download PDF • 304KB

3 - Check out the requisites!

2021.10.11 UDDI Entry Requirement (Bachelor)
Download PDF • 125KB

4 - Apply ONLINE DIRECTLY following this link!

5 - Reach us out for any question, also via Facebook and email (

More also on TU's TDS Website

See and discover more about Urban Design in our Blog Section and in our media... looking forward to see you!

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