IACSC @Makkasar - Creating Resilient Makkasar, Indonesia

22-26 August 2019, Instructor Promchan Chanratanapreeda and UDDI students participated in IACSC international collaborative workshop organised by Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia. With the topic of “2019IACSC – Creating Resilient Makassar with Diverse Urban Resources”, UDDI aims to assist the students to have the right attitude towards sustainable urban design and development as well as initiating the opportunity for the students to be engaged with international students and experts through the participatory process in urban design. / IACSC academic network always offers UDDI students a precious opportunity to experience an international atmosphere and to develop important social skills. For the young urban designers, to fulfil the task of setting a proposal for creating resilient Makassar is not the only challenging assignment but also to collaborate with those who have different culture, language and perspective. Although several students seemingly found difficulties communicating and working together with their teammates during the group discussion, they later seemed to overcome cultural differences and became good friends of each other. They assumedly learned to be flexible in an unfamiliar environment and to adopt the positive aspects of diversified culture.

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