Farewell to our Workshop in the heart of Bangkok

Our workshop concluded yesterday: it had been time for final presentations, for the final remarks by our TDS Dean, our UDDI Director and our Instructor and Professor from the organizing Universities, for the certificate delivery ceremony and, obviously, for the farewell dinner between the participants.

After the first phase of listening and learning from the locals, our participants worked together to draw future plans and solutions for the local klong, the canalside where locals and spontaneous way of living appears. The topic of the food as placemaker was one of the key of the projects, carried out by mixed groups of international students tutored by international city experts, which also gave to the audience valuable theory lectures. Throughout all the workshops, the mutual exchange of ideas, thoughts and feedbacks has been continuous: this created an amazing climate of critical discussion. In the final presentations, students showed to the listeners competitive and contemporary designs and policies to tackle the future issues of the small traditional community located in the heart of the city.

These proposals are born from collaboration among the groups' members and among the local's insights. It had been a profitable and valuable occasion for our participants to experiment the "learning by doing": in a short period of time the participants had to understand the issues

, create a point of view based on the reality and on the locals, and draw a solution that, with placemaking in mind, is an important move to make parts of our city more inclusive, more sustainable, better and safer.

A big and warm thanks to our participants, our future professionals that had also the opportunity to get along with their international counterparts; another big thanks to our TDS Dean Asan Suwanarit, to our TDS staff and to Asst. Prof. Koen De Wandeler.

Institutional acknowledgement to Thammasat Design School, Prof. Dr.Nobuo Mishima (Saga) and Instructor Mach Tola (PUC), Urban Studies Lab (USL).

See you in the next future!;)

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