3 Easy ways to Join Us!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Hey! Let us inspire you: we opened 3 doors for you to join easily our Program (Bachelor and Master) and to join #TheBusinessofCityMaking!

Check the different requirements and choose the best way that suits for you....

1 - Admission Round 4 (open for all!)

2 - TCAS63 Round 4 (Thai students only)

  • Open until 20th of May

  • Follow the TCAS guidelines below!

  • P.s.: HURRY: only 3 places left!

NOTE: TCAS63's period is finished.... but Thai Students can apply regularly with our Admission Round 4 as usual!

3 - International Scholarship (foreigner only)

  • Open up to availability

  • Full-Scholarships and Half-Scholarships available!

  • See availability, terms and conditions and contact us for any inquiry!

  • Help via LINE: add UDDIAdmission! or scan the QR below

Take a look to our activities in this website, on our Facebook and our IG! We are waiting for you!

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