What is UDDI?


We are living in an urbanized era. The fast growing number of city dwellers means opportunities and challenges. City must be strategically planned to increase diversity of cultural production and business investment. The decrease of urban space however requires solutions to offer inclusiveness and quality of life for everyone. The approaches we shape our city are extremely important – not only for Bangkok and cities in Thailand but including other cities in our globalizing world. We are in dire need of novel initiators to rethink the future of city.


UDDI is a state-of-the-art program for our urban century. It offers a 5-year combined bachelor’s and master’s professional degree in urban design and development. Throughout the program students will encounter chances to creatively respond to emerging urban issues while cultivating themselves to be the future urbanist. In parallel to course specialities such as design thinking, public realm design, strategic planning, neighborhood regeneration, heritage management, property development, enterprise initiation and city system administration, study also includes internationalized experiences of oversea fieldtrips, workshops, internships and exchanges. Graduates can pursue the careers of urban designer/architect, social entrepreneur, real estate developer, consultancy or policy maker.



We are the generations to craft smart solutions for our cities. This should not be the isolated condominium lifestyle, lifeless plazas or live on the congested streets but rather are unique urban neighborhoods, charming public places, diverse mixed-use buildings and transit-oriented ways of life. The more attractive and prosperous city can become a reality.




Urban Design and Development International Program (UDDI)

The Business of City-Making


Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Thammasat University