What is urban design ?
AUrban design is the interdisciplinary process in designing the cities which integrates all the built environment professions. It covers the design of large scale of groups of buildings, streets and street network, public spaces, transportation, system community and districts, to make the urban area functional and livable. Urban design mainly is about making connection between people and places. It involves the principle of Place-Making, environmental management, social equity, economic viability and generating the place identity. Urban design requires an interdisciplinary approach from physical geography, social science and development economic such as real estate development, social development, urban & political economic and public and private partnerships.

What does urban designer do?
AAn urban designer deals directly with the cities, towns and communities and ways of making them work for the people. It is appealing to those who find the fascinating opportunities in the complexities and vibrancy of urban environment.

What do urban designers do?
  1. Place-making by using the creativity and imagination to shape the environment people live and work in.
  2. Designing and take part in advising the development of built environment including streets, squares, communities and cities,
  3. Research and analysis of place and people by the physical, political, economic, spatial and psychological context of the places.
  4. Developing the participatory process in design the build environment and decision making in urban design process and public planning policy.
  5. Developing built environment guidelines and policies.
  6. Community design and planning
  7. Graphic and media representation of the city and its data.
  8. The roles of urban designers are to be involved in public-private partnership development projects to generate economic growth and ecological sustainability.

Motivation as an urban designer

  1. Enjoy art and design
  2. Interested in the various aspects of the built environment
  3. Like working with people
  4. Interested in innovative method and design of real estate development, public & private partnership and the development of the cities.

Job opportunities

  1. Design and Development professionals
  • The public and private partnership process in developing the mega projects
  • The government’s infrastructure development projects and the expansion of urban hubs
  1. Government officials
  • The policy and planning governmental officials in various governmental department such as DPT, NHA, CODI, NESDB, CPD etc.
  1. Entrepreneurs
  • Real Estate developer for residential and commercial projects. Public and Private partnership in city’s infrastructure development and public transportation.
What does UDDI offer ?
AThe UDDI program is divided into five distinct sets of learning experiences consists of Design Thinking, Basis of Urban Design & Development, Integrated urbanism, Social & Applied Practical Training and Specialization. A particular element of the UDDI experience is to specialize in tourism, public & private partnerships or real estate.

Why UDDI is the place for you?
  • Urban Design profession is in demand especially in the growth of urban population of South East Asian region and China
  • UDDI locates in the midst of densely populated cities with resources that requires design and planning to be coherence of its places for living, working and recreation.
  • Bangkok and the Asian regions are rich with historic and cultural values that is resourceful for tourism planning and development.
  • UDDI builds not only an urban design profession for but also a mindful entrepreneurs with innovative and critical thinking in community and real estate development
  • UDDI is the only combined Bachelor and Master in Urban Design that is an international program conducting in English.
What degree would I receive from UDDI ?
AUDDI is a combined bachelor and master degree. The students who complete the program will receive a Bachelor of Urban Design and Master of Urban Design degree.

When do class start? When do class end?
AUDDI’s academic calendar runs on a two semester system. The first semester runs from August to December. The second semester runs from January to May. Study tours, summer exchanges and special workshop hold during the summer between May to August