International Study Trip and Workshop


“Best Practice on Climate Change Action in Penang, Malaysia”

28 February – 4 March 2561

Urban settlements in Thailand have always related to water. With the current problem of Global Warming, the risks of water-related disaster are considerably increased.

Urban Design and Development International Program has collaborated with Porous City Network to launch UD 354 Cities at Risks for the 3rd year and master degree students. We aim to research on design guidelines and management approaches on the risks of natural disasters.

In relation to this, the study trip and workshop in Penang, Malaysia has been formulated as part of the program between 28 February and 4 March 2018. The purpose is to learn from a successful case situated on similar geographical context to Thailand. The project also collaborates with local academic institution, Universiti Sains Malaysia, for an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences among students of different backgrounds. This will allow students to broaden their knowledge and learning experiences as well as to establish academic and research network on urban and environmental development among universities in Southeast Asia.