Urban  Design  and  Development  International  Program

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What do urban designers do?

  1. Place-making by using the creativity
  2. Designing and take part in advising
  3. Research and analysis of place
  4. Developing the participatory process
  5. Developing built environment
  6. Community design and planning
Urbanization and the Rise of Megacities

With the rise in the rate of urbanization and the number of megacities there is an urgent need for urban designers with a development focus to provide leadership in shaping Asian cities.

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Why UDDI is the place for you?

Urban Design profession is in demand especially in the growth of urban population of South East Asian region and China
UDDI locates in the midst of densely populated cities with resources that requires design and planning to be coherence of its places for living, working and recreation.

Bangkok and the Asian regions are rich with historic and cultural values that is resourceful for tourism planning and development.
UDDI builds not only an urban design profession for but also a mindful entrepreneurs with innovative and critical thinking in community and real estate development
UDDI is the only combined Bachelor and Master in Urban Design that is an international program conducting in English

“UDDI  builds not only an urban design profession for but also a mindful entrepreneurs with innovative  and critical thinking in community  and real estate development”